Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Signing: Dumplin' Launch Party and Giveaway

(Not my photo)

I love going to book signings, and even though I don't completely interact with anyone there I still find it fun. On the 14th of this month I was able to go to the Launch Party for Julie Murphy's new book Dumplin', and it was glamorous. :) They had a few different things to do. You could take your picture with a cutout of Willowdean. (I didn't.) You were able to make a sash like beauty contestants wear, and then there were cupcakes and a table full of red delicious candy. (My mom made me make her a bag of candy.) All of this was happening before the author sat down to take a few question because they had forgotten (I guess) to make time for Q&A. I'm really bad with remembering what questions were asked and the answers, but it was fab. :) Julie seems like a very down to earth, sweet, and fun person. She was walking  around talking to people.

In the pictures below you will see a guy dressed up that is Julie's Husband who came out wearing the dress singing Jolene by Dolly Parton. It was awesome..

Keep scrolling to see some fun pictures of the night, and what I got while I was there. Then a giveaway at the end.


My pictures
(Which are horrible. My phone sucks, but my moms was good.)

Waiting to get my books signed.

Me with Julie Murphy (the cup in her hand is something I made.)

Julie holding the cup I made. 

My awesome mom that usually goes with me to signings.

(Not mine, but I had to share them.)

This has to be my favorite picture.
Everyone doing the Dumplin' Pose.

(DOG NOT INCLUDED: Rae just wanted to show off the goods.)
Rae cozying up to the book

Rae loving the bookmark

Rae showing off the buttons
The buttons I got for purchasing the book

Rae showing off the Crown.
What's a beauty contestant without a crown?

Rae loving the Heart Shaped Shades

Rae with all the goodies

Rae showing you the sash.

Lastly, Rae showing ya'll who the queen is. :)


  1. Julie's Husband is amazing to get him dress like that, it's just perfect.

  2. It looks like you had so much fun! I love that her husband dress up for the event, that is super sweet :)

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  4. So much fun!Thanks for sharing and awesome giveaway :)


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