Saturday, November 28, 2015

Book Subscription Box: Lit Cube Unveiling of November

Lit cube is another bookish subscription box that I decided i would try out for a few months. This is my first box from them. You can either enjoy the video of me unveiling it, or just scroll down and see the pictures.

This is all the stuff that came in Novembers Lit Cube. 

This is just actually a mirror

This was the book that came in the box, and honestly I've never heard of it. 
($19.99 value or cheaper through amazon)
 These cards above and below tell what came in the box.

5x7 Dracula Inspired watercolor Print ($6.99)

The was a dracular inspired journal that was exclusive to lit cube.

Black Cherry Lip Balm by Lippincott Soap Company, LLC

This is just a pen in the form of a shot.
(I think you can get a pack of 6 or so from Amazon for about $4.00)

This is one of favorite things that have come out of the boxes (besides certain books)
I've been wearing since I got it, and it came just in time for the colder weather in Texas.

 These are exclusive to lit cubes boxes and each month a little card with the theme of the box and month/year come in it.


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