Thursday, June 9, 2016

Bookish Challenge: LIL Bookish June: Childhood Favorites

I'll admit when it comes to twitter and instagram I'm not the best at keeping up with them. It sometimes sucks because it feels like that is where everything is happening, and I am just out of the loop. So for the month of June I decided I'm going to try and do LIL Bookish June for Instagram, but also here on my site.

If you want to follow along with me on Instagram my IG name is bookaholicsanonymous 
DAY 9 of Lil Bookish June
 I could choose different childhood favorites like Clifford the big red dog, babysitters club, but I had purchased the box set of Samantha a few months ago. Samantha is my favorite American Girl out of any of them. When I was younger I had the whole set not to mention I had Kirsten, Abby, felicity and a few others. I think they ended up getting stolen like a lot of my stuff did from one of my crazy step mothers and her daughter.

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