Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Book Subscription Box: Uppercase Unboxing for July 2016

From the Uppercase Website
"Uppercase is a young adult book subscription box. Simply put: You sign up and receive a YA book and a bookish goody every month! Plus the subscription comes with online access to extras like a live book discussion & recommendations for similar books."
Today I will be revealing what I got in my uppercase box.

Yes, I felt like taking the pictures outside because it's a nice day!
Here's all the stuff that came in this months box.
I love it all!

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab.
I've heard good things about this one.
I have yet to read any books by her, but I have a few so maybe I will start with this one.


A button that says Human or Monster?
It relates to the book.

The bookmark that gives the codes for the interactive experience.

The specialized note that always comes with it.

Bookish Pencils.
I love these to pieces. I know you may not be able to read them so...
they say
Orange- Professional Bookworm
Green- Carpe Librum
Red- I read YA
Blue- #booknerd
Purple- Read more, sleep less

Sticky Note

The front of the sticky notes


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Happy Reading and Blogging, Ashley

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