Monday, August 22, 2016

Readathon: Bout of Books Summer 2016: Why adaptations? Why?

Bout of Books
We’re focusing on the exciting/dreaded book-to-movie adaptations with this challenge!
It’s super easy. All I need you to do is share with us your favorite book-to-movie adaptation and your least favorite book-to-movie adaptation. You can give reasons for your answers or just names, it’s really up to you how much you share. Here’s an example:
My favorites were actually all 4 of The Hunger Games Movies. I didn't like the books all that much (except the last one) So I think maybe that helped with me liking the movies 

This saddens me to say because they are my favorite books ever, and I reallllllllyyyyy wanted to love the movie (I did buy it though) The Vampire Academy I think they could have done so  much more with it, and I think if they would have kept going with the movies that maybe it would have gotten better because the books only got better. I just feel they could have put more of the awesome moments in the book on the big screen. Also they made it a bit cheesy.

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