Friday, February 10, 2017

Follow Friday: It's all about the re-read

I'm not a big re-reader and I feel like there's so many books out there that I want to get to that re-reading gets in the way. -hangs head- There are VERY, very, very few books that I actually have re-read. For those that have been around awhile and read my site will know that Vampire Academy is my favorite book which means I'll re-read it ALWAYS. (come to think of it I need to get around to that this year) My goal this year though is to try and re-read books that I never got around to writing a review for and writing one after I read it again (my book I'm going to try and re-read this month is Legend by Marie Lu.) What makes re-reading better this year is that now goodreads has an option for it and it counts on your challenge. YEA!!!!

Also I want to re-read the Harry Potter books, and I haven't done that.


  1. I love rereading! I think I'm on my 4th reread already this year. I like to reread the Harry Potter series around Halloween!

  2. I never really re-read books because I want to, more because I need to remember what's happened for a sequel coming out!


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