Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Villains We Love to Hate

Most of the Villains on here are lovable in a weird way, but some weren't. The dad in burned/smoke was not lovable at all but he was memorable because of how cruel/hateful he was. Aidan in Illuminae was the AI, and if I remember correctly he started off ok but he got a bit crazier as the story progressed.
Alastor in The dreadful tale of Prosper Redding was the demon who possessed Prosper. I that he was in a weird way lovable but a bit crazy. When Prosper found out he had a demon inside him the banter those two had was great.
Kaz in Six of Crows was the leader of the ragtag group of thieves. He was, for the most part, a snide, ruthless character who was in my opinion only in it for his own personal reasons. Then why do I say he is somewhat lovable? Well, once in a while you would get to see that maybe he had feelings for a few other than himself. He would have a look or something that you would be like awww there's a Kaz we can love.
The Beast from Beauty and the beast we should all know why he's a lovable villain. He started off hardcore and a beast, but eventually, he grew to love, and that love made for some awesome scenes.
Queen of hearts from Alice in wonderland whose going to tell me this lady shouldn't be on the list. I have a few books that revolve around her and so far the one I read was interesting.
The Commandment from An Ember in the Ashes from what I remember of her there wasn't much to actually love, but the way her character was portrayed to us as being this hardass, ruthless government type official was definitely memorable to me.
Legend and Jacks from Caraval are a few of the main characters in Legendary and if I say much about them it would give away some of the story. Just know as cruel and hard as they seem, like most of these characters on the list they have those moments where you want to hug them.
Rhysand/Tamlin/King of Hybern from ACOTAR I know I kind of cheated on this one and threw in a few from the series, but it's because of the dynamics of their characters changes throughout the series with the exception of the king of hyburn. Tamlin started off a guy that I adored in ACOTAR and Rhys not so much, but after reading ACOMAF the tables completely flipped, and Rhys was and will forever be my favorite.


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