Thursday, August 29, 2019

Beacon Book Box || August 2019

Each box includes 1 newly-released YA hardcover book as well as 3-5 awesome bookish goodies that go with the month's theme. 

|| August 2019: Enchanted Endings||

 While I wasn't totally impressed with the monthly box. I loved the book sleeve and the dust jacket and book.
(I love their special edition boxes though)
All the goodies

E-book copy of mind of mine

This is the main reason I got the box for the dust jacket

The rose and the dagger stickers @kistercronk
Ash Princess "Queen Theodosia's Lip balm" @littlebearries

Book Sleeve: Celestial Sewn by Lynette at
Uprooted "Agnieska's Coffee Cake "Baking with the beacons recipe" Artwork by

Aristotle and Dante discover the secrets of the universe notebook @kitstercronk

A curse so dark and lonely "Rhen's Refreshing Lemonade" Design by @littlebearries by team beacon

Signed copy of House of Salt and Sorrow and author Letter

Spoiler Card


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