Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Five Dark Fates || Beacon Book Box Unboxing

Each box includes 1 newly-released YA hardcover book as well as 3-5 awesome bookish goodies that go with the month's theme. 


All the goodies (and there was a bunch)

Signed/numbered print Queen Katherines Royal Portrait @alrooneyart

Group Character Cards @dianadworak
(Top: L:Arsinoe, Billy and Braddock 
R: Katharine and Pietyr
Bottom: L: Mirabella, Bree and Elizabeth 
R: Jules, Joseph, and Camden)

Three Queen Candles @novellyyours 
Luke Gillespie Soap Bar @littlebearries

Enamel Pin @sjwonderlandz
Priestess Luca's Calming Chamomille Tea @thesimplybookishco


Familiar book sleeve design @sjwonderlandz
Signed copy of Five Dark fates


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